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Maths is a Critical Thinking Skill in our Age of Technological Evolution

Imagine if your Child and You have an Expert Personal Teacher available 24/7 & without denting your pocket... 

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MathTaas Maths Learning Program offers the following:

  • Counting - Learn about number patterns and multiples of numbers

  • Place value and value of numbers

  • Expanded notation and Form

  • Rounding off numbers to the nearest 5, 10, 100 and 1000

  • Compare and order numbers

  • Number sentences

  • Commutative, Associative and Distributive properties

  • Addition of whole numbers using various methods of adding

  • Subtraction of whole numbers using various methods of subtracting 

  • Problem solving using addition and subtraction

  • Multiplication of whole numbers

  • Halving and doubling

  • Multiples and factors   

  • Short and Long multiplication

  • Multiply numbers using the distributive method

  • Multiply numbers using the factor method

  • Multiply numbers using the rounding off and compensating method

  • Prime numbers and Composite numbers

  • Highest Common Factor (HCF) and Lowest Common Multiple (LCM)

  • Problem solving using multiplication

  • Division of whole numbers 

  • Divide numbers using short and long division

  • Divide numbers using the clue-board method.

  • Problem solving using division

  • Numeric patterns - Learn about number patterns, flow diagram and spider grams. 

  • Input and output values

  • Mixed operations

  • Read, write and tell time - Learn how to read, tell and write analogue and digital time - Solve word problem with time

  • 2D Shapes

  • 3D objects

  • Composite shapes and viewing objects

  • Lines of symmetry

  • Volume and Capacity - Learn how to estimate, read, measure, record, calculate and solve word problems

  • Mass - Learn how to estimate, read, measure, record, calculate and solve word problems

  • Fractions - Describe, compare and order fractions.

  • Equivalent fractions and how to add and subtract fractions with common denominators

  • Mixed fractions

  • Fractions of a group and solve problems using fractions.

  • Data handling - Collect and organise data using Tally Tables

  • Draw, represent and analyse data from bar graphs, pictographs and pie graphs

  • Learn about probability 

Math Tutor

Grade 4 Full Year

Expertly designed, by Maths experts, complete teaching-learning platform for optimum teaching/tuition, enabling Maths skills of Grade 4 learners who are in both private/public schooling.


This online learning Platform can also prepare home-schooling learners and parents who are in Grade 4.


The curriculum we offer is both CAPS & IEB aligned. We offer complete Maths lessons for each Grade 4 Term including learner activities, revision exercises, and assessments.


Parents have full access to teacher/parent guide videos for explanations of concepts, detailed lesson plans and of course, all the activities, revision exercises, and assessments come with answer sheets.

Can be used to prepare Grade 3 learners ahead of the next grade and can be used for Grade 5 learners who have not grasped the previous grade skills.

You and your child will receive:

  • Unlimited access to a simple to use Learning Platform for learners.

  •  Term 1,2,3,4 Complete Lessons and Activity sheets, with Revision Exercises and Assessments

  •  Tailor-made Activities with Real-world examples CAPS & IEB aligned, no textbooks needed

  •  Unlimited Repetitive Learning and Alternate Lessons Styles for better Understanding

  •  Complete detailed homeschooling video guides for Parents/Teachers

  •  Complete detailed lesson plans for Parents/Teachers

  •  Unlimited Access to a simple to use Guided Teaching Platform for Parents/Teachers

  •  Take control of your child's learning performance without skills

  • Should you subscribe to the MathTaas program, we offer live online sessions weekly, FREE of charge to identify learning gaps and any challenges that learners may experience with learning concepts.

  •  Save Thousands of Rands in Tuition Fees

  •  Try before you buy (See Trial Below)


Only R2000 per year

Save over R15 000 in Tuition fees a year

Experience MathTaas Trial Lessons

Try our services before you subscribe, we insist.

You and your child will have access to: 

  •  2 complete lessons that cover two learning areas for the learner to watch and learn namely Data handling and Common Fractions plus an additional bonus lesson on the Highest Common Factor (HCF) and Lowest Common Multiple (LCM)

  •  Learner activities for each of the lessons for the learner to complete

  •  Teacher/Parent guidelines for each of the lessons

  • A complete and detailed lesson plan covering those learning areas

“This learning is so easy to use. Lessons are easy to use, and the worksheets and activities are good. The videos are awesome. What I enjoy most, is I can watch and replay lessons as I want and it help me to know everything”


“Mathstaas is amazing. Classes are very interesting; mam explains the work very nicely. Mam shows us different ways of learning something which I like, and I love doing the activities, I like the fun colouring exercises. I love watching the starting videos too. I have learnt a lot. I now learn and enjoy Maths.”


 A fantastic learning program, designed for learners and parents who need the assistance and support in learning and understanding Maths. Great for home-schooling parents as this program covers the whole years curriculum with detailed lessons, fun filled worksheets, revision exercises & assessments. My kids found this program easy to use and enjoyed watching all the lessons and working through all the activities. Great motivational videos as well.

Lethabo Phala

This program is very efficient and well structured. Easy to use. Once I became a member, my child had complete access to everything that my child would need from complete detailed lessons which explains and teaches concepts thoroughly to fun filled activities and worksheets. What also makes this program unique is the teaching guide videos and lesson plans to help guide us as well as enable us to assist our learners or children if need be.

Simon Shelly

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