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Shireen Solomon 

Founder: MathTaaS






About the Author of MathTaas

I am a qualified and experienced educator (B.Ed) and I have over 19 years of experience in a teaching, corporate and psychology background. I am also SACE registered (reg. no: 12262509)

I have designed MathTaaS to help learners improve their Maths skills, performance and marks.


The reality is that learners are often terrified of Maths, busy, overwhelmed, anxious and they don't remember what they have learnt 10 minutes ago. Teachers are often overwhelmed with the number of learners they teach and cannot spend time with each learner and hence cannot accommodate different learning styles. Private tuition can also be a costly affair and many learners do not have the time due to extra murals and so on.


This programme is designed to help learners understand how they can approach concepts in different ways best suited to accommodate their individual needs and learning styles. I believe that every child has the potential to succeed in Maths and to make it an enjoyable experience. Learners will acquire the ability to develop an understanding and fluency of each topic before moving on to another. This enriching programme covers the entire years curriculum and is suitable for learners who are in both public and private schooling and who need the extra assistance or tuition in Maths as well as learners who are being home-schooled. The curriculum covers both CAPS and IEB. 

Each unit of work builds incrementally on the skills developed in the previous units, ensuring a solid understanding of learning concepts in all the learning areas and the ability to put learning into practice. 

Parents/guardians of learners as well as Homeschooling parents will have professional teaching guide videos and lesson plans for every topic in all the learning areas and will have full access to to all the lessons and teaching and learning materials from an Expert in Teaching Maths.

"Every child has a limitless potential to succeed and reach for the stars"


Shireen Solomon Dhewnarian

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My Biography


Bachelor of Education (B. Ed degree) with Major in Child Psychology.



  • 10 years of teaching experience:

        -Emmarentia Primary

        -Sharonlea Primary

        -Bryneven Primary

        -Cliffview Primary

        -I. R Griffith Primary

        -Risidale Primary

  • 9 years corporate experience in Business and Financial Operations


-Towards a Doctorate in Psychology

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