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Assessment with answer sheet for parents


Learning Area 4 - Data Handling (Learn how to collect,organise and record data using a tally table as well as learn how to draw and represent data on Bar Graphs, Pictographs and Pie Graphs. The learner will also learn how to read, analyse and interpret data from these graphs) This learning area comes with an assessment. The assessment cover concepts covered in this learning area and tests the learner's understanding of the concepts in the learning area as well as how well the learner can apply these concepts. The assessment can be used as a tool to monitor the learner's progress, understanding and application of learning concepts. You can download the assessment with the memo included. The learner may not get assistance as this is an assessment. Once the learner has completed the assessment, you may proceed to marking the assessment using the mark allocations for each question given on the assessment as well as put in the overall mark for the assessment. Good Luck!


Grade 4 Term 1, R 600,00

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