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Parent/Teacher Guide

Give Maam a few Seconds to enter the Class...

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There are 2 sections and four lessons that are covered in the Trial.

Step 1: Watch the Introduction video, you may also peruse through the lessons. We have placed the lessons button here for your ease of access.

Step 2: Watch the Parent/Teacher Guide for the section that the learner is attempting.

Step 3: Download the lesson plan and the learner's Activity worksheet, your version has all the answers.

Always remember the guide is there to assist just in case the learner needs the extra assistance, or if you intend to homeschool the learner.

Common Fractions
Subtract Common Fractions
Data Handling
Draw a Bar Graph - Represent and Interpret data from a bar graph
Highest Common Factor (HCF) and Lowest Common Multiple (LCM)
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